Critter Control of Seattle, Washington, has spent over 27 years serving the nuisance wildlife needs of Puget Sound area residents, commercial and industrial businesses, and municipalities.  We provide wildlife control, insect control, exclusion, and repair services for our clients.  Our team is trained with knowledge and years of experience and is ready to tackle any bats in the belfry, raccoons under the deck, or rats chewing in the walls .

Critter Control of Seattle offers animal control and animal removal services for the following animals: bat, beaver, bird, chipmunk, mink, mole, mountain beaver, muskrat, nutria, opossum, rabbit, raccoon, rat, river otter, skunk, snake, squirrel, and weasel. 

Our additional services include: Pest Control, Attic restoration, Bird-Control, Crawlspace restoration, Insulation Capping and Replacement, and Leafproof Gutter Guards.

Critter Control has offices throughout the United States and Canada. If you are not in the Seattle area, please call 1-800-CRITTER or visit our Office Finder to find a Critter Control office near you. We have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!


Critter Control is the "Nation's Leading Wildlife Control Firm".  We are leading the way in safe and humane animal removal.    

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This franchise is independently licensed and operated by Awrylo Enterprises, Inc. dba Critter Control of Seattle