Eco-WiseTM Environmental Services is different than traditional pest control management. We implement pest prevention and exclusion services through the use of non-chemical tools and tactics. This not only reduces the potential of humans being exposed to chemicals but wildlife and pets as well. Here at Critter Control of Seattle, we offer free assessments for insect control, and during this assessment, the technician will thoroughly look at the problem and any other potential issues. Keeping our customers involved and aware of the situation is one of our number one priorities. We can assure you will be included and informed about all the work that will be completed. Our Eco-Wise pest management services are effective in controlling and protecting against pest infestations, inside and out. Proper pest identification, monitoring, and pest-proofing are the keys to a successful pest management program. Eco-Wise is a viable option for those who are concerned about chemical treatments. However eco-friendly products may require additional treatments due to their nature. Biodegradable and natural insecticides may not have the same residual effects of traditional pesticides.  Call us today to schedule a free assessment. 206.431.6833