Welcome to our video library!

A segment of our site dedicated to sharing some of the past trappings and releases that we have completed throughout the years to give you a glimpse of what things are like on the job site for our service techs.  


Our first video to share is one of our commercials!


This next video is from a job where our technician, Leif, went in for a normal inspection for a critter in the crawlspace. After a few minutes he popped out of a hole in the floor of the home with this guy! If you want something done, call him!


It's always a great day when a customer calls in with an animal in a trap; especially ones that are causing tons of damage. Leif got to go pick this guy up from a city park.


In this clip our tech, Mr. Leif, came across this furry friend, a Bobcat, in a Hancock trap we had set for a pesky beaver! The bobcat was a little frightened, and annoyed; rightfully so. However, after Mr. Leif released him back into the wild (East Side), he ran off excited!


Ever been at the wrong place at the wrong time? Well this poor duck feels your pain. Our guys were trying to catch a beaver in one of our Handcock traps and instead caught ourselves a duck!


While checking on one of our traps we found we had hit the jackpot with this capture. Not only did we catch a raccoon but her babies weren’t far away!


While inspecting a customer’s chimney, we came across a big surprise when we found that this mother raccoon had created a little home for her and her babies. Always make sure and call Critter Control for situations like these since a mother who feels threatened (whether they are in “your” space or not) is an extra dangerous situation!


Upon our inspection deep inside a void in a customer’s wall we came across this momma raccoon creating a cozy home for her babies, while causing annoyance and issues for the customer! Before you start thinking you’re crazy, if start hearing things in the walls of your home give us a call and let one of our trained experts come out and do an evaluation!


Majority of the time if you have a raccoon in your attic we are also going to be finding a nest of babies. When it comes time for these guys to nest they become true little thieves and break into your attic space to create the perfect cozy home among your insulation.


Our technician Mike explains just how these annoying little pests become such a big issue in your home. The minute they find their entry point, your whole house is fair game. Our techs are extremely skilled in finding these entry points and repairing them so we can prevent ants invading your personal space.


Lo and behold, it’s a young bull elk playing with our blue tarp that’s covering our woodpile. I’ve never seen this before. How cute!


This cute hungry little beaver was found snacking away in a customer’s garden without a care in the world. If you find that your hard work you have been putting into your garden has been enjoyed by something other than you give us a call to schedule a site evaluation!


This is not a typical place for squirrels to store food for the winter.  Good cache (catch) Leif!


First flush outs for the season are  always a reason to celebrate and comes with monetary compensation! Good Job Zach!


First flush outs for the season are  always a reason to celebrate and comes with monetary compensation! Good Job Zach!


First flush outs for the season are  always a reason to celebrate and comes with monetary compensation! Good Job Zach!


This unsuspecting homeowner thought she had a Northern Flicker pecking on her house from the sounds it was making. This little nuthatch was doing the damage instead.


This is a HUMdinger of a BIRD NEST discovered by Tino P. Excellente!!

And so many people think squirrels would have trouble accessing this area without tree branches!  Thank you Tino for proving how agile and opportunistic  these pesky squirrels are. 






This is the reason it's so important to lock up feeds and foods in air-tight, metal containers, and make sure any spilled food stuffs are cleaned up. This customer, unfortunately, didn't realized they were being burgled by rats eating up all their bird seed!


In Washington Douglas Squirrels are native, so when we trap them we relocate them. This little guy isn't fully grown, and couldn't WAIT to get out of that trap! We love being able to ethically support Washington's native wildlife while keeping those invasive species to a minimum.