Welcome to our video library!

A segment of our site dedicated to sharing some of the past trappings and releases that we have completed throughout the years to give you a glimpse of what things are like on the job site for our service techs. 

Our first video to share is one of our commercials! 


This next video is from a job where our technician, Leif, went in for a normal inspection for a critter in the crawlspace. After a few minutes he popped out of a hole in the floor of the home with this guy! If you want something done, call him!


It's always a great day when a customer calls in with an animal in a trap; especially ones that are causing tons of damage. Leif got to go pick this guy up from a city park.


In this clip our tech, Mr. Leif, came across this furry friend, a Bobcat, in a Hancock trap we had set for a pesky beaver! The bobcat was a little frightened, and annoyed; rightfully so. However, after Mr. Leif released him back into the wild (East Side), he ran off excited!