The Chronicles of Leif.


"Log 1: Tuesday, July 6th, 2021. 7:00am. Riding with Leif. Pray for me.

It seems I am in for a ride today. Leif covers our "East-Side" territory that includes the areas of King County between Renton, Snohomish, and North Bend. He is a wild one. He thinks he is invincible, and I think that if he spends enough time around you, you start to believe it as well. Fearless and "probably" prepared, we drive into the day covered in clouded skies. (Which, in hind-sight, I should have prepared better for because I took only a sweater adorned with our brightly-colored trademark, instead of a shirt and, what do you know, the day broke and the sun poured through; and I was hotter than I needed to be. But I digress...)

First Stop: Kent. Problem: Carpenter Ants.

For some reason in this area, we see a lot of carpenter ants. They particularly enjoy wood and moisture. (Weird, in Western Washington, I didn't expect this issue....) We scour, we search, we peep the ants out of their hiding areas. We turn over logs and weeds to be thorough. We decide that this customer needs another treatment to get the ants out of her house, and Leif breaks out, what he calls, his "murse" full of goodies and gets to work. Insecticide dust and spray applied, we talk about the weather, and we exit stage left but not before I had to stop and take a photo of a pretty tree.

Second Stop: Bellevue. Problem: Bats.

This stop was reasonably straightforward, as Leif had been here in the past. The bats were roosting inside doorways and under a covered patio area outside. They had been leaving droppings down the walls and on the ground and the residents were NOT fans. NO FEAR, LEIF IS HERE (with Errin)! We, chatted, we discussed, we educated, and we revised an old estimate for the customer to have a look at. THEN GONE. WERE. WE!

Third Stop: Also Bellevue. Problem: Mice.

This lovely residence had been all but INVADED (mildly) with these teeny weenies who had NOT been invited to party in the crawlspace, but chose to break in anyway. Leif entered, did his stretches, and all but dove into the crawlspace. We (definitely HE) retrieved 3 total rodent-variety squatters from traps. We (again, HE) then went outside to check on the repairs that had been done. He noticed a woeful gap in the repair and sprinted back to the trusty truck no other dares to touch because he "knows exactly where everything is". He quickly grabbed some materials and skipped right back over to the foundation to close off any hope of mouse entry, once and for all. We discussed further visits with the owner of the home, and FIN! We ride off into the distance.

From there we complete a few regular maintenance visits between Bellevue and Woodinville. For some reason, there are customers that continue to look forward to having Leif disrupt their day with his humor and kindness. Furthermore, they tend to specifically ask for him as opposed to other technicians. (I have yet to dive into this research. I fear it may never make sense.) Leif does insect sprays, I fill bait stations, we rebait traps, life is good.

Last Stop: Also Bellevue. Problem: Unknown.

These customers were hearing a strange noise in the floor between the main living space and the basement area. Some folks enjoy creepy things; I do not. And neither do these homeowners. We establish that mice have made themselves at home. (They seem to be on a breaking-and-entering trend. Rude.) Leif and I find evidence in the crawlspace area. The entry points were quite difficult to find, however. Sneaky little buggers. We explain our findings to the owners, and finish our inspection. Dirt in our hair, splinters in our fingers, no rock goes unturned. Thorough or bust with the winning team here. We schedule to come back to set traps for the customer, as we don't want to injure the water-heater repair man scheduled tomorrow with our mouse traps. Fret none... we'll be back.

Log End: July 6, 2021. 6:45pm. Technicians have long days. This is my first 12 hour shift, but just another day for these guys. I have a newfound respect not only for what they do but for how long they do it; EVERY DAY.

I need a nap, and probably physical therapy. I daydream of the pink moomoo waiting for me at home. My body is sore and I am now deciding on whether or not to cook dinner.

Until next time, Errin out."