"Log 2: Monday, November 15th, 2021. 7:30am. Riding with Tino today. I am hopful.

I'm not sure what is in store for today, however I am more prepared than last time so at least I learn from my mistakes. It's raining today, so I get to feel more official the "experience on the job" department. (At least that's what I'm telling myself.) Tino covers our Seattle area territory between Renton, Des Moines, and Everett. He is a lot more grounded than Leif is; not really into dare-devil stunts, I've noticed. He is really knowledgeable, and knows all the back roads and secrets to driving in Seattle and NOT losing your mind immediately. We pack what we need into the truck and we head out, but not before finding coffee.

First Stop: Seattle. General Pest Maintenance With a Focus on Ants.

Most of this was pretty straight-forward, however the wind was HOWLING. For me to be pushed into the side of someones home, trusst me when I say it was windy. To be truthful, I was disappointed in my ability to balance and a tiny bit embarrassed when I also happened to make eye contact with the neighbor in the midst of my battling the wind. We stepped inside to treat for some ants our client had been seeing around her kitchen. I talked to her about window stickers and other things while Tino climbed around and applied treatment. That's about equal, right?

Second Stop: Also Seattle. Regular Bait Station Maintenance.

I cannot explain how chaotic parking in certain parts of Seattle is, in the POURING rain, on one-way streets; unless you live there. This stop should have been cut and dry, however given all of the aforementioned issues, it was just a mess. Tino left me to guard the truck while he walked uphill to this home to service their bait stations in the sideways rain. While I did feel for him, I was NOT complaining about being dry and warm. (Sorry, Tino.)

Third Stop: Mercer Island. Problem: Raccoons.

First of all, I'd like to point out that this driveway is the STEEPEST driveway I have ever seen in my life. I may not be the oldest or most experienced person ever, but DANG. Anywho, we make our slow treck down to the bottom of the driveway, only to have to make an 18-point turn to make sure we would be able to pull straight out for later. At this point, it's pouring down rain, the wind is blowing, and I realize at this point, a hat would have been nice to have. After talking with the client, and perusing the shoreline for evidence, we walk back up to the house to confirm service with the homeowner and once we have that, we (he) grabbed some traps, threw some bait in them, and we took them down to the yard. By the time we are ready to get going, I was SOAKED, and contemplating my life choices. We packed up, and took off out of there in search of a building with a toilet, because by then, I was not going to be picky.

Fourth Stop: Also Mercer Island. Removing Otter Traps.

This driveway was less dramatic, however still steep as all get out. This homeowner had been experiencing issues with otters and it was the end of their service. In case anyone in wondering, otter traps are big and super heavy. Usually they are fitted with mirrors and shiny toys to attract the otters to them. They are cool, but as far as lugging them up 3 flights of steps in the rain with water in your eyes, 0/10 - do not recommend. 

Fifth Stop: Seattle. Regular Bait Station Maintenance and Replacing Stolen Traps.

I can't say I have ever seen apartment buildings that were built as precariously as these, but more power to them I guess. There were a couple missing stations from this property so Tino had to find the areas that should have had stations and climb down all these rocks with a heavy station in his hands to reset them. I took this as a great opportunity to snap some pictures and "let the pros do it". I know the things for this job but am more accident prone than I would like to admit, especially to my employer.  

Last Stop: Bellevue. Checking Rodent Traps.

No worries, this driveway was fine. We didn't even have to park in it. We are here to check traps for some unfortunate rodent squatters in this home that were OBVIOUSLY not welcome; but they didn't care. After a successful removall of one mouse and one rat, and some careful maneuvering around the house that was on all but a cliff-side, we chatted with the homeowner a bit about the next steps. He was super nice, and customers like him make you remember why we do this job. 

Log End: November 15th, 2021. 4:30pm. I did not fear for my life today, so I'm thankful for that. Nothing against Leif's driving, but it's not great Tino does, however, drive like my grandad. But hey, he's safe I guess​. I'm still tired, but not the same as the first time.

I am still daydreaming of taking a nap but I supposed I can't complain too much since it was an "easy" day. I am still cold and wet from spending the day in and out of the elements, so my real goal is to get home and find the fastest way to get and stay warm.

Until next time; ta-ta for now. -Errin."