Ready, Set Play!

The City of Covington, Chamber of Commerce, and Kent School District have developed a program called "Ready, Set, Play!"  (Previously called "Play Unplugged") This program concept has only been around for only a short time and is free to all kids in the Covington area.  Businesses can get involved by sponsoring an outdoor activity that is incentivized by earning a free swim pass byt the end of it, good at the Covington Aquatic Center. This encourages kids to turn off that computer, tv or phone and do outdoor actvities during the summer. Critter Control of Seattle feels strongly about this program and getting kids out to explore nature and the animals around them. Since the program runs only from Memorial Day to Labor Day, hurry up, take a picture of your critter (wildlife or insect) and show us this photo to receive your brag badge.  The more information you have about the critter the better.  




Badge from 2018!                      












Badge from 2019!