CRITTER CASH REFERRAL PROGRAM by Critter Control of Seattle (CCRP)


We would like to implement an official referral program that rewards our loyal customers for their word-of-mouth referrals.  This program is a special thank you for all of you that have helped us build this legacy over the years.  If you refer someone to us for service, please give them your name, and address or invoice number so we can verify you as a customer and send you by mail the critter cash.  The critter cash you receive is numbered and can only be used once.  Please hurry to use the critter cash because it does have a 6 month expiration date.

Q.  Is it real cash that will be sent in the mail?

A.  No, it is a cash coupon entitling you to $30 off your next service invoice.

Q.  Can I get credit for all my past referrals? 

A.  Sorry, this is a new program but we promise to be diligent with any future referrals. The cash coupon must be presented at the time of service.

 Q.  Is there a limit to the number of referrals that can be given out?

A.  No, you may give out as many referrals as you like; however, they must sign up, complete at least their initial visit, and be current with payment.

Q.  Do I have to use it or can I give it to my daughter to use? 

A.  You can use it or give it out as a gift; however, they must use it within the 12 month expiration date. The voucher can only be used once and must be surrendered at time of service.

Q.  Will I get a cash coupon for each time the referral uses our service? 

A.  Unfortunately, it is for the initial service only.

Q.  When will I receive the critter cash coupon?

A.  You will receive it as soon as we provide service and collect from your referral.

Q.  Am I only able to use one cash coupon per invoice?

A.  No, you are allowed to use all coupons on the next invoice or one if you choose.

Q.  Can I receive the critter cash for a referral even though I have not used your service?

A.  At this time, it is only for our current customer base; however, we may consider expanding this to include non-customer referrals in the future.



Thank you so much for thinking of us.        Karen & Mike