Critter Control of Seattle has been happy to provide wild animal and insect control as well as repair services to residential and commercial properties throughout the Puget Sound Area for over 24 years. We are a full service firm that can handle the infestation from start to finish...trapping, exclusion and restorations.  We strive to exceed all your expectations by providing exceptional, knowledgeable, professional employees to solve your wildlife/insect problems. In addition to this, we have the original owners that take an active role in running the business to the best of their abilities. 

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                                              Mike M.

                             Co-Owner/General Field Manager

         Licensed Pesticide Applicator, NWCO Certified, Wildlife Specialist

Q. How long have you been with Critter Control of Seattle?

24 years.

Q. Where did you come from?

I lived in the Sumner/Lake Tapps area where I graduated from Sumner High School and then attended Green River Community College.

Q. What did you do before this job?

I worked at a mountain bike production company.

Q. Why pest control?

I think insects are fascinating! Trying to figure out what kind of bug is causing a homeowner issues challenges you and I love that.

Q. What do you like about your job?

Mostly the people I get to work with every day. Being able to solve people’s problems that they can’t, or are unwilling to do themselves. And I get paid to do it!

Q. What is a strength you have that make you good at your job?

Communicating with people. I’m patient, good-hearted, good-humored, and I genuinely care about the people who need my help.


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