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Kirkland Washington was named after a British-born steel enthusiast Peter Kirk. In the 1880's he came to the Pacific Northwest seeking new development opportunities. Kirk envisioned a "Pittsburgh of the West" on Lake Washington's Eastern shore, and his new community would be focused around the production of steel. Soon afterwards a railway to Snoqualmie pass, and a ship canal were constructed. But this was too late to save Peter Kirk's dream because in 1893 the stock market crashed and the mill closed before producing any steel. Despite the closure, Kirkland later became incorporated in 1905 with a population of 400. Although steel was the main focus for Kirkland originally, the most successful industries turned out being ship building and wool production. Kirkland is a continuously growing city, and you could say Peter Kirk's dream has been fulfilled, but not quite as he envisioned. Growing cities always have to worry about wildlife. When cities expand the displacement of natural habitat for many native and non-native species, means they could be moving into your crawlspace, attic or basement!



Common Wildlife

Everything from otters, beavers, and raccoons to rats and mice can be found in Kirkland. Each of these animals, we can help you remove before it becomes a severe problem. Not only can we provide you services to remove the animal(s) but we offer clean up and repair services as well to keep your home pest free. You could call us your one-stop shop for pest control.




Wildlife Damage

Some wildlife is mesmerizing to watch at afar, however when they become your unexpected roommates by ripping off your vents or siding it can be a bit overwhelming. Our wide variety of services here at Critter Control of Seattle will not only help rid you of the pest, but we can also fix much of the damage that they may have caused. Preventative measures will also be proposed so the pesky critters will stay out of your house. Keeping you pest free is your main focus after removing the animal. The fact of the matter is, everyone deals with wildlife. You are not alone. 206.431.6833




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