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These guys showed when they said they would, found 2 dead rats under the house, cleaned up the mess,...
Tino was the best! He was able to identify from window pawprints that it was a baby possum that had ...
Critter Control rep. Zach E****** did a great job in analyzing the problem and recommending a counte...
If I could give six stars I would. I pulled into Critter Control’s parking lot as they were loadin...
If I could give six stars I would. I pulled into Critter Control’s parking lot as they were loadin...
I loved how honest and upfront both Terra and Tino were with me in dealing with the critter issue in...
I have used Critter Control twice now. Most recently for a bat problem. The people at Critter Cont...
Zach came to our house and did the initial assessment. He did an outstanding job and explained exac...
Arrived within 4 hours, Great service at an excellent price. Its been near a week and no more ants !...
The most competent and humble and enjoyable guy I'v ever met in such a brief meeting!!!!!!!!! Leif ...

Protect Your Home

Chimneys represent the single largest opening in your home. Birds, squirrels and raccoons will nest in unprotected chimneys. We can protect your home with professionally installed chimney caps.
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Soffits, Eaves and Dormer Gaps
These locations provide easy entrance points for birds, bats, mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons. Let us inspect your home for these entrance gaps and seal them tight, to protect your home against unwanted wildlife.
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Doors and Windows
Improperly fitted or damaged door sills provide easy entrance for mice, rats, snakes and other small critters. Gaps along windows also can allow entry and bats love to nest behind shutters. Let us find and fix these entrance points in your home.
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Lawns and Gardens
Raccoons, armadillos, skunks and moles are all notorious for damaging lawns, while looking for grubs and other insects in your soil. While we can’t prevent them from doing so, we can get rid of them while they’re in the act, preventing further damage. Just be sure to call us at the first sign of damage.
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Dormer and Gable Vents
These vents are favorites for bats, birds, squirrels and raccoons. Bats will rest behind the slats. Birds will build nests in them and raccoons and squirrels will simply push through the slats, through the thin screen behind them, and enter your attic. Let us secure these for you.
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Bathroom / Dryer / Range Hood
Birds, squirrels, bats and even snakes are frequently found in these vents. Let us install vent covers to keep these critters out.
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Decks and Porches
Decks and porches provide protection from the elements for wildlife like raccoons, woodchucks (a.k.a groundhogs), skunks, opossums, armadillos and even cats. We can install barriers that will keep all wildlife out from under these areas.
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Attic Vents
A flimsy piece of screen in most attic vents is all that stands between your attic and marauding wildlife, like squirrels and rats. Birds will build nests in these and raccoons frequently pop these right off your roof to gain access to your home. Let us protect your home from invasion with Roof Vent Guards.
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Wildlife Management

Have you noticed an abundance of holes and animal droppings in your yard? Maybe some odd rub marks on your home or business? Critter Control of Houston offers professional care concerning wildlife infestation problems. We cover all areas from extraction, damage repair, prevention, and cleaning of the mess left by the animal! Our technicians have extensive knowledge on wildlife such as their habits, patterns, and preferences. We will be able to communicate to you the best solution for your invasion and provide affordable solutions for your home or business. If you have noticed vegetation being uprooted, or a sudden musky odor in your area, an armadillo may be around your property. Armadillos are known to damage flowers, ornamental plants and other vegetation while they dig for food. These critters may go a long time without being noticed, so damage may be extensive. Contact Critter Control of Houston to rid yourself of this nuisance. Although they are shy and inoffensive, porcupines cause a huge threat to pets and livestock. Porcupines are most identified by their barb tipped quills. If a curious pet gets to close they may end up with a face full of quills, which if not removed correctly can cause infection. If you see one of these pests around your home, call Critter Control of Houston for proper extraction. Critter Control of Houston will work directly with you, sharing their knowledge on wildlife and removing the animal and anything it may have left behind. Our technicians will use quality materials and put preventative measures in place to avoid future wildlife headaches. Critter Control of Houston also provides Eco-Friendly Pest Management through Eco-Wise™ Pest Control. Ask our staff for more information on our pest control services or if you are having pest problems.

Animal Removal

Since 1983, the Critter Control concept has called for humane animal removal and environmentally responsible techniques for handling nuisance animal problems. We use innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically sound animal removal services for homeowners, businesses and municipalities. We offer both residential animal removal and commercial animal removal throughout all of our Critter Control offices. Population growth, urbanization and increasing wildlife numbers are all factors contributing to nuisance wildlife situations requiring professional animal removal services. Government spending cuts have left much of the nuisance wildlife control and animal removal needs in the hands of private individuals. But animal removal can be time-consuming, expensive and even dangerous for the untrained homeowner. We offer a variety of animal removal services to eliminate animal problems and prevent recurring animal removal issues that require professional services.

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