Milton, Washington - 98003, 98354


In the beginning of its settlement, around the late 1800's, this town's first attraction was the lumber industry, though it started with a few ranchers and a couple berry farmers. A large lumber mill was built that over looked the Puyallup River Valley. First referred to as "Mill Town", the US Postal Service rejected the two-word name and decided it would be called "Milton". The very small town was made up of homesteaders, mill workers, and tree fellers who supplied the mill with lumber. When the Interurban Railway cut through the town in the early 1900's, the town started to grow tremendously. This led to the town's official incorporation in 1907 when the community voted 46-18 in its favor. And, in 1938, the mayor, Kenneth Simmons, entered a donkey, whom he named "Boston Curtis", into the state primary election as a committeeman for the city, and the donkey was elected in! He ran uncontested, as there was no other entry for the position, but still had 51 voted in his favor.