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The City of Pacific, officially incorporated in August of 1909, is a quiet and quaint place in the Seattle-Tacoma metro area. Resting in the White River valley between east and west hills, the area is known for its rich and fertile land. Once an area of agriculture production, the first settlers came to the area in the mid 1800's. The land in Pacific, and the surrounding valley region, was utilized for growing hops, berries, vegetables, flowers, and was even home to dairy farms. The Interurban Railway was the key factor in Pacific's growth. When the railroad opened in 1902, 80% of its income came from passengers and only 20% came from freight charges. Flooding here was a big threat to those in the area, though, Not only for residents, but for farmers as well. The yearly flooding continued to get worse, especially after man-made dams were put in place and it wasn't until Mud Mountain Dam and Howard Harness Dam were in place that the flooding was contained and controlled by 1962.


Common Wildlife

The fertile ground provides lots of vegetation to house and hide critters and with the stuck river being so close, this area is thriving with wildlife. Birds here are prevalent, as well as nocturnal wildlife such as raccoons and opossums. Starlings are birds that are actually an invasive species and they get into a lot of areas of the home such as vent openings and soffit vent holes. Their beaks are stronger opening than they are closing, so getting into vent covers that have horizontal flaps isn't a problem for them. Raccoons and opossums while fun to look at, can do quite a bit of damage to your property. The population of raccoons in Pacific is ever-growing due to the decrease in forested areas and abundance of water and food around.


Wildlife Damage

All animals we deal with can cause problems if not taken care of quickly and properly. Raccoons and opossums, for instance, prowl the outlying properties and will raid fruit trees, roll up sod for tasty grubs, or get into your garbage cans or compost piles.  Not only will they be causing damage but they can also be a safety hazard for pets and your family. Here at Critter Control of Seattle we offer a wide variety of services including trapping and removal of raccoons and many other animals that may decide to move in with you.  The fact of the matter is, everyone deals with wildlife. You are not alone. 206.431.6833



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