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The city of SeaTac got its name because it is located approximately half way between Seattle and Tacoma.  It covers 10 square miles, incorporated in Feb. 1990 and is home to approximately 900 businesses.  SeaTac's earliest settlers started to homestead the land in the early 1850's. One of the most prominent were the Kelly's, Mike and Jane, that built their home, constructed an access road and established the first school.  It is believed that the land was periodically cleared by fire or other means for growing crops and enticing edge species such as deer to proliferate.  Angle Lake lies within its boundaries and was the site where two Native American canoes were found on the bottom.  These canoes were discovered by William Westlake Walker, a scuba diver, in 1989/1990 and were approximately 300 years old.  The most well-known landmark is the SeaTac International Airport which began construction in 1944.  This airport, "a dream come true", was constructed based on the need for a civilian airport when the Boeing airport was taken over for military use in World War II. 

Three interesting fun facts about the SeaTac Airport:

**Local artists designed artwork inside

**A prehistoric giant ground sloth, Megalonx, was discovered during its construction

**A sled dog gave birth to 4 puppies at the airport. The ground crew adopted the puppies and named them after 4 volcanoes in Iceland.


Common Wildlife

Everything from otters, beavers, and raccoons to rats and mice can be found in SeaTac. Each of these animals, we can help you remove before it becomes a severe problem. Not only can we provide you services to remove the animal(s) but we offer clean up and repair services as well to keep your home pest free. You could call us your one-stop shop for pest control.



Wildlife Damage

Damage can vary depending on what kind of critters you are having trouble with. It can be something as simple as screening over a soffit vent hole to prevent access, to trapping, removal, and repair of the affected area(s). Birds can be difficult, as sometimes they fly into an area and fall down a straight vent pipe. Most bird species cannot fly straight up in a small area like that, leading to them having to be physically removed via take-down of a microwave, range hood, or even the glass of a fireplace. The biggest step you can take to bird (or any critter)-proof your home is prevention. Fan vent guards, roof vent guards, soffit vent screens, and chimney caps are all great ways to keep critters out. The fact of the matter is, everyone deals with wildlife. You are not alone. 206.431.6833


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