Management Programs (Residential & Commercial)


Our company is happy to provide rodent abatement services for residential AND commercial accounts. These black boxes, “bait stations”, house rodent bait (poison) that typically works after one feeding for mice and rats when placed around a structure. It is a great maintenance program to reduce the rodent population and prevent further rodent incursion into a home or business. This program works especially well when access points to the building are sealed off to eliminate accessibility for rodents to gain entry inside. We also provide abatement services for demolition projects and provide the documentation to expedite permit acquisitions. Bait stations are perfect to tuck away in bushes, or foliage, to keep out of view. Both mice and rats breed year long, which means one cannot necessarily predict when they will have an influx in their population; as one would with other animals. Residential and commercial locations alike have benefitted greatly from the installation of these stations to make sure they maintain a rodent free structure.



Insects can be a nuisance from time to time. Rather than waiting for them to show up, Critter Control can provide an insect maintenance program that suits your needs to curtail intruding insects. Whether it is Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, or even Bi-Yearly, we’ve got you covered. With both traditional and eco-friendly products, we can meet the demands for our customer’s preferences inside and outside the structure. Traditional insecticides, which are chemicals made in a laboratory, have a longer residual lifespan after a treatment, which can help slow the progress of the problem insects. Eco-friendly products, which are plant-based derivatives (botanical) chemicals, do the same as traditional insecticides however, due to their botanical composition, degrade at a quicker rate; therefore, they do not have the long residual lifespan as a traditional insecticide product. For those insects that often bypass ground treatment zones such as spiders and stinging insects, we offer web-sweeping services and/or nest spot treatments and removals.  Feel free to call us at 206 317-5048 for more information.