Want to 'Do It Yourself'?

‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) projects can provide a sense of accomplishment and sometimes save money, but dealing with wild animal DIY projects may result in more than you may have bargained for. Not only can critters cause damage, but they can also be extremely persistant. There is always the possibility of the animal damaging DIY repairs, and ultimately making the situation worse. 

Working on roofs, climbing ladders, and maneuvering in confined spaces can lead to falls or other injuries. Many people lack the know-how and experience of safe ladder use and the implementation of fall-stop and other safety equipment. 

Trapping wildlife and animal-proofing can also involve exposure to wildlife related diseases or animal  bites, and many wild animals leave infected feces behind. From roundworms to Hantavirus left behind in animal droppings, cleanup jobs can be extremely hazardous as airborne spores can cause respiratory and other health issues.

Call Today for Professional Wildlife Control

With the help of our highly trained professionals, you can be sure your problem animal will be taken care of quickly, and humanely. When it comes to wildlife removal, calling in professionals is a must to not only protect yourself from diseases, bites, and scratches; but also to ensure the safety of the animal and to ensure their proper removal. If you do not have the knowledge to remove the problem animal, you could turn their simple removal, into a disasterous or possibly dangerous situation. Call Critter Control of Seattle today for more information about our wildlife removal services. 206.431.6833