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Featured Work 2020

Critter Control of Seattle works on so many different types of situations, that sometimes we can't pick just one job to feature! This year we have had the opportunity to work on many new kinds of jobs in different areas. In this case, we have Mike's big bird job near Alki Beach, and Zach's large bat job in Eatonville. Crows, pigeons, and seagulls can cause a lot of issues when roosting and perching. Their droppings have bacteria and acids in them that are harmful to people and pets, and can damage paint and finishes on furniture. These birds are especially common on tall buildings near populated areas and areas near the water. Birds can be a real nuisance up on someone's rooftop or balcony and we were asked to come install a permanent deterrent in such an area to keep the birds from landing there. In Eatonville, there are many wildlife animals that can become a nuisance.  In this case, Zach was called to a customer's house that had bats living in the attic and vaulted ceiling areas. Bats are protected and must be handled in the right way in accordance with the Washington State laws. Our company focuses heavily on exclusion when dealing with bats, and letting them leave on their own before sealing up all entry points. Awesome job to both these technicians for your innovative thinking!!




Featured Work 2019

Parking garages can be very popular for birds to congregate. It is easy access, never closed, and allows shelter from wind and rain while still having the outside feel. This can cause a lot of problems, though. Birds, like pigeons, like to group together at night to roost and sleep but during their comings and goings, they leave lots of droppings on the ledges, parked cars, and even patrons that use the garage. That's where we came in to help. This garage was having a bad problem with cars and people getting hit with pigeon droppings and requested a solution. Netting off the sides of the garage was not feasible, as there were LOTS of small openings all around the garage to allow the birds acccess. We decided on a machine that emits a special mist that irritates the birds' respiratory systems and makes that area undesirable. We even had to construct a special platform for the machine to sit on because it needed to be up off the ground. This machine requires maintenance to maintain the fluid that creates the mist, but overall, was the right solution for the circumstances. Hopefully, those birds take the hint and get packing!