Rodent Abatement Program & Demolition Permits

If you are demolishing a building, including your home, you will need to submit a rodent abatement form to signify that your home is free of rodents before you are permitted to complete the demolition. A permit is required because if there are rodents still in your home when it is demolished, the rodents will disperse to other locations where they are not welcome.

It is important to keep the residential rodent populations under control by ensuring the property is free of unwanted guests. These frightened rodents can nest inside other homes and buildings and cause a widespread infestation if not properly addressed.

Your Seattle office is a certified rodent abatement organization, and we will be certain that the pests are all removed so everyone wins! Once we have inspected your Seattle home's interior and exterior, we will provide you with a document that indicates your home is rodent-free. You may then bring that form to the appropriate authority and proceed with the demolition. To schedule your rodent abatement service or for additional information, please call your local Critter Control office.


Click here to download your rodent abatement form.