AppearanceHouse spider

House spiders are generally brown with patterns of different shades that make them appear spotted. On average a house spider is a quarter-inch long but may be an inch or more across when legs are outspread. Their size and coloration allow the house spiders to easily blend into the background and escape notice.


The house spider will randomly select a web location and create a web. If a web is not yielding prey it will be abandoned and another site will be selected and a new web will be built. House spiders are generally found in garages, sheds, barns, and warehouses. A well placed nest will be around windows and under eaves and near light sources as to attract prey.

Entry and Damage

Finding house spiders in your home will be the most obvious sign of an infestation. These spiders are generally found in the late summer through early fall. Males will emerge from their shelters in search of females to mate. Critter Control of Seattle can get rid of your house spider infestation. Call the professionals when you are dealing with a house spider infestation.