A long, long time ago (July 1994) in a galaxy far, far away (Michigan USA) a young woman graduated from Michigan State University with dreams larger than life. With degrees in Wildlife Biology and Business Administration in hand, she embarked on a journey across the universe (from Michigan to Washington) in search of the meaning of life.

She stumbled upon a fertile valley (Des Moines, Washington) and began to establish a colony (Critter Control of Seattle). With courage and nobleness of heart, she pledged to help protect people and their property from evil villains (vermin). Armed with traps and her trusty light saber (control stick), she set out in search of nasty varmints. Little did she know the layout of the land would be so vast or the amount of evil that resided here. Due to the abundance of relentless evil, she reached out to the masses in search of a kindred spirit to help her conquer the lands. Unbeknownst to the young woman, she serendipitously met a mysterious, honorable, ginger-haired young man (Mike Mead) on a local battlefield; (Co-Ed softball field). They immediately joined forces in combat, afterwards seeking refuge and provisions (food and drinks) at a nearby cantina. They discussed strategies and established boundaries with this arrangement. In a short span of time, sparks began to fly and they embarked on the adventure of life together; forever. Twenty-six years hence, the colony (Critter Control of Seattle) has been successfully established, a child of their bond has been born, and they continue to fight for peace across the lands.