Questions and Answers

Here at Critter Control of Seattle we answer a wide variety of questions every day. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions, that may help provide you with some insight. 


Q: What animals don't you handle?

A: Dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals that are under the jurisdiction of animal control. However, we are allowed to trap for feral cats but they do have to be taken to a local Humane Society, or animal control. If you feel there is a domestic animal problem, please call the designated animal control for your area. Click on the pictures below for information about animal rescue, or animal control for your area. 



Q: If I call the city, or county, will they take care of my problem for free?

A: Typically, no. Governmental animal control services, such as city or county animal control, only handle domesticated animals. If you see, hear, or are experiencing a situation that may need the aid of animal, control call them immediately. The situations include, dog bites or attacks, loose animals running around the street, animal abuse/neglect, etc. When handling wild animals extensive experience and knowledge is necessary, and if you call animal control they will most likely refer you to a company like ours. 


Q: Can I trap and relocate nuisance wildlife on my own?

A: No, in Washington state it is illegal to relocate wildlife. If you wish to relocate, you must do so on the same property the animal was removed from, which typically defeats the purpose of trapping the animal. You can read more about laws regarding relocation by clicking on the following link.


Q: Do you carry insurance?

A: Yes. Any reputable pest and wildlife control operator should carry a variety of insurance including general liability, workers compensation, and automobile insurance. It protects you, the consumer, if anything happens. 


Q: If there is a dead animal on the side of the road, will you come pick it up? 

A: No, we do not pick up roadkill. For this type of situation please call your either your city, county  Department of Transportation. If you have found a dead animal that has been hit and killed, please click on the picture to the right, and it will take you directly to the Washington Sate Department of Transportation's website. 


Q: Do we offer senior discounts?

A: Yes, on service calls only we offer a 10% discount for customers 55+ years old. The discount must be inquired about when calling to schedule, or during your first initial appointment. 


Q: I just discovered a critter in my attic, will you come out the same day to remove the animal?

A: In most situations, we will schedule a day with you for us to come assess the situation. There are instances where we are able to come out the same day you call; however there are no guarantees. As for the removal of the animal; unfortunately, not all animal situations are "grab and go" ones. The removal of an animal is a process that includes trapping and patience. We prefer to capture the animals in the most humane and least invasive way. 


Q: Do you handle only wildlife?

A: No, we also have maintenance services and treatments available for rodents and most insects. We can help with anything from ants and roaches to mice and rats. We do not however treat for bed bugs, mosquiots, or termites. For this we will have to refer you to a different company. 


Q: I see from your website that some animals are protected. What does that mean?

A: When an animal is protected, this means that the animal is on or is on it's way to the endangered species list. When invasive species begin to take over an area, they use up resources such as food, and shelter leaving little behind. It is critical for our local native species to have access to nesting areas, food, or shelter for their numbers to thrive. With invasive species, however, their numbers will typically skyrocket leaving native animals vulnerable, and without necessities to live. It is crucial for us to take control, and do our part for our local wildlife. Not only is our native wildlife helping to keep mother nature in balance, but also for our future generations to enjoy. If you are having problems with a protected species, there are certain rules and regulations that do need to be followed which can make their removal a bit tricky. Here at Critter Control of Seattle with our passion for animals, and years of experience you can be sure we will be removing, and relocating protected species with minimally invasive procedures. For more information about endangered or protected species please click on the picture to the right.