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Tino was incredibly helpful in the face of our concern about critters in our roof soffit. He checked all of our eaves and gutters, identified the issue, and gave us clear recommendations for resolving the problem. Great service and great attitude. Highly recommended!
Thorough, fast, timely. Good communication via phone and Leif went above and beyond for us!
I had a problem with squirrels getting into my attic through a roof vent. I called Critter Control and met with Tino to discuss a course of action. The proposed solution: trap the squirrels and secure the point (or points) of entry. The crew at Critter Control trapped several of the offending critters over a two week period (5 squirrels and 1 rat) and installed roof vent guards to prevent any future intrusions. I'm very satisfied with Critter Control's service to date and confident that my critter problem has been solved. Special thanks to Tino, Mike, Zach, Devin and Errin for their help on this project.
Tino was friendly and informative. When talking with us, his confidence in his knowledge of his job made us comfortable with trusting the company to solve our critter issue.
We had squirrel issues in our attic and Leif and the team did a great job trapping them, sealing all entrances, and making sure the problem is solved completely. Every time I called for help, they came asap and Leif was so patient with our questions and great in explaining the situation and recommending solutions.
We have had a scourge of rat issues in our neighborhood as old house are being demolished to make way for large apartment complexes. Tino has been our guide as we have eliminated the rats that found their way into our home by eliminating them quickly, finding their points of entry and fortifying the whole house. He also set up rat control boxes around our house exterior and checks them every month. We have found him to be very knowledgeable and very rigorous in his approach. He has always been very easy to talk with and has treated us as his partner in figuring out next steps. I highly recommend him for your home issues. He is real professional that delivers, not a drive by service that doesn’t really care. Dealing with this issue was not inexpensive but it was entirely effective. I am a big believer in getting what you pay for and this investment has been entirely worth it.
Very pleasant and knowledgeable technician. I was pleased with the service. Arrived on time too and completed the bid in a reasonable time.
Terra made an appointment quickly explained their services and Tino was in communication with me along the way. Tino went our to our rental property, discovered the problem and suggested remedies. I would definitely use them again. Thank you!!
These guys showed when they said they would, found 2 dead rats under the house, cleaned up the mess, got rid of the smell and secured the outside of the building to prevent further problems. Don't waste your time calling the other so called crawl pros they're all strokes. These guys are the best. GREAT JOB!
Tino was the best! He was able to identify from window pawprints that it was a baby possum that had been in my house and that my cat had likely brought it in. And after he concluded that I remembered that my cat *had* brought one in last year! Tino verified that the possum was no longer in the house and would not pose a problem.
Critter Control rep. Zach E****** did a great job in analyzing the problem and recommending a counter measure to stop squirrels from returning to a nesting spot in the attic. Good job Zach. ****
If I could give six stars I would. I pulled into Critter Control’s parking lot as they were loading up for a scheduled job. I had heard a critter in my attic the night before and was anxious to evict the mystery critter. Mike very knowledgeable and offered to come out-THAT DAY- to investigate. He was very thorough, very smart, and seriously underpriced the job. Thank you, thank you. My critters were birds, and they are now sleeping outdoors and I am sleeping again!
If I could give six stars I would. I pulled into Critter Control’s parking lot as they were loading up for a scheduled job. I had heard a critter in my attic the night before and was anxious to evict the mystery critter. Mike very knowledgeable and offered to come out-THAT DAY- to investigate. He was very thorough, very smart, and seriously underpriced the job. Thank you, thank you. My critters were birds, and they are now sleeping outdoors and I am sleeping again!
I loved how honest and upfront both Terra and Tino were with me in dealing with the critter issue in my home. Both Tino and Terra were easy to talk to and solutions to the issue were reasonable and were handled. Thank you so much for a great team at Critter Control! :)
I have used Critter Control twice now. Most recently for a bat problem. The people at Critter Control, from the person who answers your call to the person that comes to your home, they are full of knowledge, very patient with all your questions, and kind. I will always call Critter Control for all my critter problems. The prices are fair and worth it for peace of mind.
Zach came to our house and did the initial assessment. He did an outstanding job and explained exactly what we needed and how he would do it. He is very impressive and I highly recommend him and his company.
Arrived within 4 hours, Great service at an excellent price. Its been near a week and no more ants !!
The most competent and humble and enjoyable guy I'v ever met in such a brief meeting!!!!!!!!! Leif is truly a asset to your Company.
Zach was very informative and professional, he listened and responded to our concerns. He is very educated and gave us confidence in your company. We are use to fixing our own issues so he was challenged as soon as he arrived at our home. He help us through a very stressful issues. Thanks for all your help with the yellow jacket invasion of our new home ! Jim &lisa West
Kelly M.
I was impressed with the work that was done. Crew was professional and punctual.
Tracey C.
Tino was prompt and professional, and gave us good advice for resolving our problem. I will definitely turn to Critter Control next time we have an insect problem at our home.
Pat S.
Leif was excellent to work with.
Glenn L.
Great job!
Manvinder S.
Great customer service the gentleman came in my home to do the job he is awesome very friendly
Jean K.
Excellent, prompt, eficient. communicated clearly. Thanks Jean
Barbara M.
Very pleased with the service. Andrew was prompt, polite and did a great job.
Byron B.
Critter Control was easy to deal with. They are professional and very courteous. The did a good job and with much compassion.
Patrick H.
Leif was on time, easy to work with, and had a positive attitude. Great work!
Carmen B.
Your crew is consistently professional, thorough and great to work with
Glenn L.
Great job! Critters are gone
Jubilee Womans Center
All the technicians were professional and there were no complaints from any of our staff. We discontinued service due to reducing expenses and our initial need was satisfied. Thanks.
Larry L.
I was the real estate agent helping my out-of-state clients. Critter Control was very prompt, communicative and thorough in their assistance on this job. I would recommend you and use you again, thank you!
Kim and Joe M.
Great job - thank you!
Jamie V.
Great job!
Dale G.
Everything went smoothly. I just hope the City doesn't require this *again* because there is a gap between service and demo. We'll all find out.
Ronda H.
5 stars all the way!
Kathy H.
On time very professional
Sunil and Anita C.
Great service. Leif was awesome. A true professional who know his craft. I would highly recommend Critter Control.
MaryJo K.
Everyone was very friendly and professional. Plenty of advance notice was provided and they were very flexible when schedules had to be changed. I would recommend them to anyone.
Gerald M.
Great Service!!
Harry L.
Everything done as promised.
Don and Irene M.
Great job!
Stacy R.
Leif and his team did a fantastic job! We really appreciate the prompt and professional service.
Jamie V.
Mike and Brian were great! Very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you!
Randy C.
Service has been great.
John R.
Thanks for a great job!
Kristy B.
Thorough inspection and very professional technician!
Marilyn H.
great job, but the mole won this round.
Stacy R.
Andrew, Hunter, Nathan and Brian were all fantastic today! They had a big job with lots of surprises and handled it beautifully. Job well done!
Christine O.
Critter Control has been very accommodating and definitely taken care of the problem. Thank you.
Kim K.
Knowledgeable and friendly agent, and fast work - just seemed a bit expensive for the work performed and time spent.
Susan G.
Thank you!
Susan R.
These folks are trapping pros!! Prompt service + communication from inception to completion - Thank you!!
Frank F.
excellent knowledge and communication.
Kile F.
Very helpful and friendly service.
Gayle C.
Wonderfully responsive service team and staff. Highly recommend.
Darris V.
Great service knowledgeable helpful friendly efficient
Rudy M.
All the techs were great. Explained everything.
Lyndsey T.
Patricia M.
Mike was very helpful. He seemed to really care about the "critters". Answered all my questions and I felt the estimate was fair. The kids that actually did the work were very thoughtful, answered all my questions and seemed to do a good and efficient job.
Roger B.
Good Job!
Eric P.
Fast and efficient, thanks!
Darrell W.
Great job, guys
Matt L.
Unbelievable response. Honest information. No sales pitch, just customer service.
Pam W.
wonderful company
Brenda D.
Great job as usual.
Cline G.
work was completed in highly satisfactory manner, employees were very professional and well versed in knowledge of their work.
Bethany M.
Fantastic service and personnel!
Stacy R.
Fantastic work as always! Leif is very thorough and always does and excellent job. Thank you.
Cindy L.
Thank you for checking each trap and taking care of them. The residents were very appreciative as well
Malene R.
Great service from both the office staff and the technicians, all of whom are knowledgeable in their field of expertise!!
Cindy L.
Thank you for checking each trap and taking care of them. The residents were very appreciative as well
David W.
Nice job. Workers were efficient and friendly. Thanks , Dave
Thanks for doing a great job!
Anne A.
Appreciate it done on a regular basis.
Virginia S.
Good work. Smart professionals.
Cindy L.
Thank you for checking each trap and taking care of them. The residents were very appreciative as well
Cindy L.
Thank you for checking each trap and taking care of them. The residents were very appreciative as well
Cindy L.
Thank you for checking each trap and taking care of them. The residents were very appreciative as well
Lee F.
You guys do great work. Thanks Lee
Pam W.
great company to work with!!!
Lois L.
Excellent service!!
Teresa P.
Great work, thanks!
Gerald M.
Gary P.
Critter Control techs were excellent in explaining their approach to capturing my primary target, invading raccoons. We captured 3 raccoons, 2 rats, 1 squirrel, and subsequently saw now latrine evidence, or trappings for 2 weeks.
Carmen B.
Professional and courteous. Thx!
Bruce C.
Very responsive and effective.
Kate R.
I am glad and relieved that we found Critter Control to assess our rat infestation and to patch holes in the siding where animals were entering our house! Tino was most knowledgeable and able and he and his crew got the job done well and quickly. They are reachable when I have any questions and they follow through with their scheduled appointments. They are also kind and do not invade the space, rather they are value added when they come into the gate. I highly recommend them.
Sandra O.
A year and a half ago Critter Control took care of the squirrel and rat problem I was having in my house. I don't know what I would have done without them! Everything was professionally done - from trapping the squirrels to completely sealing up the roof where it meets the. house. It was a relief to deal with a company that knows how to solve these problems from start to finish. After a year, they renewed the guarantee on the work for another year fof a reasonable fee. At this point I am still contracting with them for rat baits around the house to alleviate any further problems. I highly recommend this company. Sandra O
Ken N.
Your guys did a great job. They worked hard and were thural and did a good clean up. Tino was very informative and a great guy to work with. I will refer you to others.
Stacy R.
We always receive fantastic service from your team! Thank you.
Patricia E.
very understanding technician!
Karl W.
Mole issue was handled quickly and affordably.
Carl B.
Thanks for getting rid of our moles.
Steve B.
Critters were captured and work was consistent. Always in a timely fashion.
Alexander E.
Very professional and friendly personnel.
Ken K.
Great service.
Brenda M.
They did a great job and have excellent customer service.
Jane O.
Great job!! Every step of the process I was impressed and thankful to have someone to "fix my problem". Thank you!
Stacy R.
Excellent service and employees!
Katy E.
Always appreciate Critter Control - efficient, responsive, and informative.
Gigi C.
Your tech was wonderful, very courteous, professional, and efficient. Thanks for doing such a good job!
Kim A.
Thank you for the quality service!
Naomi S.
The young man who came out to the job site (Lief) was professional, courteous, and efficient. I was relieved that the problem was not one of trapping an animal, and will now proceed to handle the broken pipe issue. Thank you.
Carrie G.
Leif was pleasant, professional, and a pleasure to interact with. Thank you.
Mary M.
The investigative work done by your work and their thoroughness in developing a plan is commendable.
Ian K.
Great company
Constance S.
Critter Control's team--from Amber and Tyra to Andrew and Kelly--is terrific, helpful, and expert in what they do.
Linda K.
Excellent job Thanks a million
Constance S.
Critter Control team--Andrew joined later by Kelly--was wonderful! Thank you for "tricking" the raccoon out of the attic!
Leslie R.
Great service!
Nicole M.
Great job! They took care of the pesky squirrel that decided to move into the second bedroom (through the ceiling). I'm sure he had no intention of paying room and board so, thankfully, Critter Control was able to find a different place for him to live.
Geoff W.
Tito , Amber and all are extremely reliable effective and trustworthy Thanks for looking after our home
Because I am an animal loving freak, I was so thrilled when the technician, Leif, suggested an alternative to try that would not harm the mother raccoon and her little ones. He came back to follow up and it appears to have worked so she and the babies did not have to be euthanized. He did a great job for us!
Colleen S.
Very knowledgable, nice to work with, good supervision and crew.
Berg D.
Did a great job, thanks
Thanks for your speedy response to our call for help.
Dinesh P.
Thorough job
Paula N.
Great service and follow up.
Alan L.
Efficient, and professional. They came, they suited up, the removed the nest. Pretty basic yet amazing.
Bob T.
Work was done in a very professional manner.
Bob T.
Great work 5 stars.
James B.
Very timely and so far helpful. We'll see whether the flickers return in the fall.
Daryle & Carol B.
The info we rec'd from the service person was very helpful, and we are thrilled to know that our suspicion of having mountain beavers was unfounded. Although we already are treating the area (professionally) for rat infestation, he gave us further tips in trying to control them. The service was great, and we will recommend Critter Control to others who have "critter" issues. In fact, we wish we had contacted you for our rat problem. Unfortunately, there will probably be a next time, and we will be able to use your services in the future.
Stephanie W.
Thank you for acting so promptly and honoring your '1 year guaranteed' physical work on our house. We are very happy with your service!
Gary G.
Excellent service by the crew and a very professional job. Only slight drawback was trying to back down my ridiculous steep driveway with their large truck and trailer. No way to turn around up top.
David K.
Very responsive, and the traps were effective, insofar as the squirrels have been gone for a week, and it is hoped until the handyman comes o Tuesday to close off the access!
Jessica S.
Excellent service and nice guy. Would totally use you again!
Orville S.
Extremely pleasant and professional. Found the source of the problem and had good suggestions for procedures to maintain a critter-free home. Excellent!!
Super nice technician. Very friendly and knowledgeable.
Chelsea H.
The guys did a great job and identified the issue quickly this time around. So grateful not to hear critters moving in the house anymore!
Larry B.
Our yard doesn't look like a mine field this year! So far we're quite happy!
Geoff W.
Always excellent professional service
Pete D.
Everyone was very professional!
Deborah H.
So glad you caught the enormous snarling pregnant one!
Doris S.
Very satisfied with Critter Control, mission accomplished and encounters with personnel pleasant.
The exterminators were professional, quick to get the job done, and explained what they were doing. Highly recommend!
Bert R.
The technician was very friendly and helpful.
Pam W.
Great company. Always does a complete and thorough job
Jeanne M.
Mike was very professional even though the raccoons were gone already he consulted with me on where, how and when to look for signs and then call if I see any of them.
Susan K.
Very good steady workers. Opossum caught regulary, good trench and will keep critters out. Thank you very much!
Tacy H.
Michael M did a great job. He explained everything fully and completed the job quickly. Thanks so much.
Susan K.
So far very pleased hard workers and always pleasant. Thank you for your help!
Nancy L.
You guys are awesome! Thank you!!
Judy S.
Very professional. On time and work done expediently. Highly recommend
Michael S.
Michael was great with lots of information and seems to really know a lot about bat remediation. So far, it has been a great experience working with Critter Control.
Marilyn G.
Great customer service and wonderful service members.
Teresa P.
Friendly staff and great service! Thanks!
Jeanne J.
Great information. Leif did a wonderful job identifying the issue and offering solutions.
Tom C.
Great inspection and recommendations, just what I needed. Mike is a great asset!
Bob L.
great rep
Great people. Would of like if they did an outside spray. Just go the extra mile. Just wanting to make sure we are doing the best we can to stop these ants
Gordon E.
Service techs were very knowledgeable and prompt.
Thank You!!!
Jerene K.
Excellent service. Thank you.
Anitra S.
A little frustration with the weather and the tech showing up in the dark twice. Also installed first two traps in the snow but he caught two moles. So ultimately happy with results.
Mark A.
Leif was very professional, knows what he is doing. Great job. Appreciate him coming here to start the process.
Steven O.
Job was well done. I wanted to apologize to your worker who wrote "rat" trapped and disposed. I thought it said "cat". Ha! Thought he was teasing. Also, I'm getting feedback from people wanting screens installed sooner than later. I will get back to you on that. Steve Opolsky
Robert E.
Scott L.
Your company handled your end of the transaction professionally.
Janet W.
I love when Mike comes and checks the rat boxes. He is a great guy and fabulous with customer service. Would only like to request Mike. Also, we decided to have Mike come every other month. Thanks for a terrific professional with Mike. Janet
Bob L.
good job. on time
Bob L.
good worker. personable
Dinesh P.
very satisfied.
Jerry H.
Mike was very good, did an excellent job. Kept me informed as he worked.
Teresa P.
Mike was awesome and we look forward to working with you! Thanks!
Connie M.
The job sealing up our eaves was fantastic. The traps set in the attic and all around the perimeter did not catch one varmint, however. I do recommend this company for fixing the holes into your home.
David B.
The guys came on time and did good work sealing up the holes on our roof.
Prince P.
great service
David B.
The guys were fast and efficient.
Gene E.
Thank you. Gene
Gene E.
Thank you. Gene
Lauren H.
I had to cancel my Trugreen service due to a mole who chewed up my yard and left rocky mounds everywhere. I paid for the monthly trap monitoring plan through Critter Control and a mole was caught around the 3rd week. I am now monitoring weekly to see if there is another mole or if any more mounds pop up. They also have a pellet that can be laid around the perimeter of the lawn which changes the flavor of the diet for the moles and they shouldn't return. Critter Control told me that they would like to see first if all the moles are gone before starting a new plan. They are professional and courteous from the office to the field. I never felt as if I was being unduly charged for anything. And they caught a mole so I'm pleased. I would definitely refer them, and I would use them again.
Vic W.
Good Job!
Jason W.
Good job guys. Thank you for the service.
Jesse K.
Great customer service and very professional technicians.
John S.
Very insightful techs and great service! Caught our rascal squirrel within hours of setting the traps.
The guys were great!
Tom P.
Great job. Responded quickly. Very competent!
Gary M.
Your team was professional, efficient, on-time. thanks for getting rid of the critters!
Angela P.
The two men who came to my house to do repairs yesterday were fabulous. That's why I keep using Critter Control. Angela.
Laura V.
Thank you Critter Control for taking care of my mole problem. Your technicians were professional and careful on my property, which I appreciate very much. When the next mole family moves in, you'll be the one I call! Thanks again. Laura Mill Creek, WA
Randy C.
Very impressed with Critter Control. Techs were great to work with and polite. Very responsive to our needs.
Catherine O.
The inspector did a thorough job--went through the crawl spaces, set traps and refilled the exterior bait stations. Hopefully we can locate the point of entry for the mice and seal them out. Thank you.
Gene E.
When I got home all I could see was the old crawlspace door. Tonight I looked. The new inter door is very cool! And I could see the other work also. Tell whoever did the work Thank You from me! They sure have more nerve than I do to work so high! Thank you again. Gene
Kelly R.
Best customer service. Would highly recommend them.
Carl B.
Thanks for ridding us of the pesky moles. Your trapping method was very effective.
Rose M.
Professional & helpful, from assessing the problem to determining the solution. All the technicians who trapped animals, sealed entry ways and set up bait traps were helpful and a notice was always on my door to let me know what had been done when I wasn't around.
Ron R.
The office staff was very polite and efficient in calling and scheduling appointments. All of the people that came to the house were very courteous and professional. They were great in explaining the services that they had performed. Overall, we were very pleased with the company and would definitely recommend Critter Control.
Al S.
I am happy with their service will recommend to otgers
Jeary F.
On time, through inspection, respect for personal property, personable and professional.
Marilou D.
Mike & his team are great -- kind, courteous & professional -- you couldn't ask for better service! We had a bat problem and didn't know what to do... Mike was very knowledgeable on the protected species and gave us options to prevent them from coming back, etc. He put our minds at ease! I would definitely recommend Critter Control to friends & neighbors.
Gayle C.
Always professional and thorough.
Barb W.
Thank you for your professionalism AND getting rid of the rat!
Bruce C.
Very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. Completely satisfied.
Patti H.
I would totally recommend Critter Control! They will eliminate what you need gone!
Paula N.
Very professional and friendly.
Glenda B.
High praise for Mike and Keith: Punctual, professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. We are very satisfied with the work completed. Excellent communication with Brittany/office. Highly recommend this company! Thank you.
Elliot S.
Very Professional and efficient.
Linda S.
I'm very happy with the work done by Critter Control. They're employees we're efficient and friendly.
Pam W.
Wonderful company. Very professional and competent
Rose M.
Knowledgeable, responsive and courteous. Thank you
Glenda B.
Mike was punctual, professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable...an excellent first impression. Highly recommended!
Steven B.
Very professional and friendly staff
Tim M.
Critter control has been very good to work with. They run a very professional operation and have worked with us to help deal with some nuisance animals.
Mary L.
I appreciated your making the effort to pick up raccoons on the same day. All of the employees were very courteous.
Prince P.
very experienced, detail oriented and on time. Great service.
Dana A.
Knowledgeable, on time, personal, speedy with estimate.
Karen W.
Great service, quick response. We are pleased so far!
Penny L.
To Mike and whole Critter Control Gang. A job, or jobs well done. Your business knowledge, and professionalism are a pleasure to see in today's business world. Your people explain what's going to be done, when they will do it, show up on time, and followup as required. How unique. Happy New Years to all of the employee's at Critter Control. Bill and Penny Lehto
Anna C.
Awesome service!!! The technician was great and explained everything he was doing. Thank you again for taking care of my critters!!!!
Alan A.
I feel like you gave me a thorough assessment of my "critter" issues and supplied detailed information about prevention and fixes. I would not hesitate to refer you to a friend in need.
Carrol A.
I'm a long time customer of Critter Control of Seattle, and have been "saved" many times by their expertise and quick eye.
Rebecca H.
Thank you!
Carol H.
Got the job done! Frequent checks and professional service. Thanks!
Carlos C.
Thanks for providing excellent Customer Service & Honesty
Rebecca C.
Thank you for your prompt service and detailed inspection of our house!
Charlene H.
Great Service. Thank You!
Diane W.
Your staff do a very thorough job, are helpful and very pleasant. Thank you!
You folks have done an excellent job for our company. We feel that you have earned a "5 Star" rating with us. We will recommend you to anyone that requires control of unwanted critters! Very Truly Yours, Mark
Denise H.
It took a while but the critters were captured. I appreciated the very good job that Critter Control did. They were always great about contacting us to set up a time to come that was convenient for us and then calling shortly before coming. If I needed to get a message to the person coming they were great about passing it on. I truly appreciate ease of communication with Critter Control. Thank you!!
Richard W.
You did an excellent job.
Winston S.
like your company like the people that work there also very nice group to me, and that really counts.
Stephanie W.
Thanks for being so fast and thorough when action was needed ASAP!
Brenda D.
Great job as always.
John T.
Excellent service from everyone.
Shawna T.
Did what it took to get the job done & went above & beyond. Thanks!
Trupa P.
Thorough and honest service! Thank you!
Pam W.
Great company. Professional, effective, and efficient.
Joan L.
Thank you.
Judy H.
Very well done
Mike C.
Efficient, knowledgeable, friendly but hopefully I'll never have to see them again:) but if you need help I would highly recommend them.
Barry B.
Great job gang!
Gary K.
Always prompt and easy to talk to. They have had good results for us. Office staff always very pleasant to deal with. This is why we keep using you.
Jim B.
Quick set up, quick call backs, quick removal and friendly staff. Very satisfied.
I appreciate your team and professionalism
Vicky V.
Always prompt and professional, informative and reasonable!!
Ann E.
Thank you for the great job you do!
Donal M.
I was really impressed with the quality of work performed. The Critter Control technicians are top-notch: very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work!
Ashley F.
The owner (our service guy) was great! It was nice just chatting with him. At our follow up appointment we determined ourg been problem was taken care of! Thanks so much critter control!
Brenda H.
Leif was super helpful. I appreciate his enthusiasm, energy, and willingness to find our pet-snake. Thank you.
very professional
Nancy D.
The technicians were personable, knowledgeable and informative.
Donal M.
I'v head great experiences with the technicians who've come over. Very helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable folks all.
Linda W.
Prompt and courteous.
Ann and Bob S.
Nice, professional.
Vicky V.
Peg D.
Thank you so much. We appreciate the work you do!
Elizabeth H.
We had an emergency rodent situation in our home at night and the technician drove an hour to get to us. He had the rat removed within 5 minutes. I can't say thank you enough to Critter Control! Our technician was also very kind and helpful and we really appreciated his help so much.
Mark Z.
Leif was outstanding. He arrived on time, even though he was held over on an earlier job. He immediately got to work in our clinic restroom. He initially started by drilling a tiny hole into which he was planning to slide a camera. While I recognize this is the best strategy in dealing with residential dwellings, our plans involve a restroom remodel so I encouraged him to cut large holes in the wall to make things easier. He quickly found a dried up rat that we named Mr. February. The smell back in February was dismissed by a lesser pest control business with "Oh, that smell will pass in three to five days. Stop worrying about it." Leif also found Mr. October in a different stud bay. Leif was fast, efficient and friendly. We will not be using anyone else from now on. He was an amazing technician and I strongly recommend this company and Leif.
Carrol A.
I've been using Critter Control of Seattle for at least 13 years, for a variety of situations including rats (ongoing), racoon trapping, and wasp nest removal. They're timely, personable, reliable, and always give me a reasonable estimate. I'll certainly continue to use them.
Jim L.
Mike is wonderful to work with, always professional and helpful in locating problems/concerns we have. Thank you.
Esther P.
Thank you for everything. Great work! Esther Pakjer
Pam W.
Critter control always does great work. Have used them for years
Bruce C.
You got the critter, as usual. Well done.
Ashley F.
I didn't expect to have my been situation handled on the spot, but the guy gladly took care of it. He was very professional, kind, fast, friendly and informative! The price was also great, very responsible! Highly recommend.
Mike L.
Although he could not find the dead rat, I found Leis very knowledgeable and personable. It was worth the cost to have him try.
Peter F.
Leif did a very thorough job. Thanks.
Carrie M.
I had Critter Control come to my home to help find where the squirrels and roof rats were getting into my attic. Michael, the Manager/Owner came and walked the perimeter of the house, on the roof and in the attic and was able to find the entry point. He gave me a fair bid for repair, which I accepted and the repairs were done within 2 days. We couldn't be happier knowing those critters are no longer making their home in our home. I would highly recommend Critter Control for your critter problems.
Bobby F.
Great service, on time, informational and Leif was very professional and just a good dude!!
Lara D.
Your company has been so helpful to us over the years, dealing with squirrels and mice. Your customer service is excellent: friendly, accommodating, fair pricing, punctual and good at follow through. Thank you!
Pam W.
Great company. They have done work for me for at least 15 years
Richard S.
Your service was terrific. From the receptionist that took my call and set up the appointment to the technician who came out and completed the rodent removal. And same day service! I would definetly use you again.
Brenda D.
Great job Mike, as always
Sherman B.
All work completed satisfactorily and on time. Very competent technicians.
George a.
Great customer service and work quality.
Very professional
Barb L.
With determination and a tasty raccoon feast in the trap there was success.....there is now one less raccoon causing problems to my garden...
Maureen N.
Pest issues have become a thing of the past since Critter Control became our company.
Dawn K.
Am so appreciative of your service
Nelson D.
Your crew was great. Thanks much. Didn't catch any raccoons this time, but hopefully they'll leave our yard alone for a while.
Dona D.
pleased with the service
Ed P.
The guys were great and informative. Thanks
Michael R.
Prompt and great service
Denise G.
I had two raccoons trapped in my cages and needed an animal removal service to come get them and return my cages. After research I chosed Critter Control. For my situation their quotes were very reasonable and they were able to come out within a day to retrieve the two raccoons. Their office staff and techs were very pleasant to work with. When there was a miscommunication with what was explained to me by staff and then the techs the staff worked with me for a win win situation for both of us. My two cages were promptly returned to me within their 1 to 2 day turn around. I have two more raccoons to catch, I hope that is all that is left around my home, and when that is done I will definetly contact Critter Control again.
Elizabeth S.
Technicians were very friendly and professional.
Great job! Thank you
Brenda D.
Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. Jobs were done in a timely manner. Thanks again for the great service. B Devaneyj
Elizabeth H.
Thank you for your professional approach to this stressful problem!
Donita G.
The job was handled very professionally with good communication by the original inspector who was then part of the crew who returned to correct our attic issues to keep pests out in the future, including a thorough clean up and disinfectant of the problem area. I am very satisfied with the whole process (well, beyond wishing I didn't need the service to begin with! But glad it was reasonably easy to get addressed.)
Jim M.
Very happy with the suggestions and thoughts provided. The guys were professional and answered our questions. We would not hesitate to recommend your services, and will definitely call you the next time we have a problem. The Millers
Patti H.
I LOVE Critter Control! You guys are awesome and I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you!!
Susan L.
Very nice technician - thank you .
Will C.
Very friendly and knowledgable
Judy P.
Great service, friendly personable service technician! Have used before, will recommend to friemnds and family!
Brad A.
Great team to work with, from office staff to techs to the owner. Good communication. Thanks for taking good care of us. We recommend Critter Control of Seattle to everyone.
Jennifer R.
Great work! This was a successful job in humanely removing stray cats from the property.
Well looks like the rat went to the "zoo" along side the raccoon.
Dennis B.
Thanks for your help with my mole problem!
Jeanine S.
All of the Critter Control personnel I had contact with were professional, have a heart & are knowledgeable regarding the wildlife that needed to be caught and did their job proficiently.
Rosanne L.
Gave me a lot of information on bats. Thank you!
Bob L.
great job. Personable
Mary U.
Friendly nice guys got the job done!
Vicky V.
Very professional and helpful. Thanks!
Stacy R.
Excellent service! All of the technicians were very knowledgeable, efficient, and quick to respond. We're very hopeful for a squirrel-free building now. :)
Brenda D.
Very impressed with how the job was done. All personnel, whether on the phone or talked to in person were very professional. Also appreciated the card left on the door when I wasn't available. I am expecting the same treatment with the next phase, that I have signed up for. Brenda Devaney
Ronda H.
Fast, professional, and effective!
Sandra S.
The tech that came to the house was great, although he did not call to let me know the time he would be arriving as was promised. I was given an 8-10am window and he arrived at 9:45. Again, he gave me complete information that helped me make my decisions around the service. The administrative side of things is not 5 star. 1. my email was originally mistyped in his service order. that was corrected on the fly. 2. my name is misspelled or mistyped in the email I just received.
Pam W.
Great job.
Yi S.
The professional has given me good suggestions.
Mark P.
The crew showed up on time, did everything professionally and quickly.
Jennifer R.
Gene B.
Very good experience overall -- on time, respectful, thorough. Made sure all my questions were answered and established a good plan to manage the issue going forward. Highly recommend!
Bruce H.
Done well
Doug W.
Situation analysis was greatly appreciated.
Dave R.
The technician always showed up at the time scheduled, and was very professional. I would use Critter Control in the future.
PPS Homes
Thank you for being prompt and thorough.
Amanda G.
Thank you for the great service!
Dana A.
Chris was on time, but even more important he was polite, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He had understanding of nontoxic treatments which I was glad to hear of. Thank you! We will be getting back to you. :) Dana Ames Conrad Condominiums Juanita area amesdana@hotmail.com
Cindi D.
The team was fantastic, those in the office and the field. Will definitely keep your number handy for future needs.......and referrals!!!
Vicki H.
We appreciated the friendly communication from the Critter Control staff over the years. Thank you for your consistent care of our pest deterrent needs. After so many years of opening the gate for bait checks, we're actually going to miss you now that we're moving away. ;-) thanks again!
Vicky V.
Impressive, personal, and caring service! All the service people have been great, positive, informative, and helpful. Thanks!!
James O.
Very good evaluation and done timely. Appropriate recommendations.
Barbara A.
We appreciate your quick response and assistance with completion of this project. Your guys did an amazing job and dealt with all of our questions and concerns in a caring and professional manner. Thank you for your help.
Jody S.
Very happy with the services.
PPS Homes
Thank you
Carol S.
Mike promising to return and make me a door to the crawl space, if necessary, meant a lot to me. I hope I don't have to take him up on that offer, but it is nice to know that the offer was made. One of the guys left a Critter Control hooded sweatshirt here. If they are ever in the neighborhood, I will see that it is returned.
Shawna T.
The techs that came to our house did a great job - they gave us an assessment, photos of the areas with issues & of concern – they were fast, efficient, very professional and really went above & beyond. They were able to identify all the possible issue & suggest solutions right away. They set up traps as soon as I agreed to go with their suggested solutions & within hours has successfully captured ½ of the identified vermin group we were concerned with. So far our experience with this company & the techs has been fantastic! We really appreciate the great service & help with our issue. Sincerely, Shawna Tate & Eli Vanwyck
Kim Egge
I have used Critter Control twice -- for personal, and professionally for an HOA we manage. They respond quickly (even when they had phone issues), and even more importantly they were clear on the process and the price. I do not hesitate at all to recommend Critter Control.
John B.
they did a great job, no more squirrels in my attic!
Faye J.
Excellent Service. Go a call the day before each visit, letting me know. On time, let me know the progress using the traps. Would use them again is necessary.
Faye J.
The worker was always on time, checked all traps, and acknowledge when he arrived, and completed the job and was leaving.
Bob S.
Arrived in scheduled time frame and completed the job in a timely manner with several people on-site. The work performed looked great and the areas where work was performed were cleaned up and left the way they where when they arrived. Thanks to all for a job well done!
Bob S.
Crew of guys came out and did a great job! Thank you!
Renee R.
Awesome! Very professional and knowledgeable!
Pam W.
Wonderful job
Peng W.
Good service and offered good information for preventative measures.
Steve L.
Pam W.
Great job.
Jim E.
Excellent. Start to finish. Office and field staff 1st class
Dana R.
Very helpful, professional service!
Dana R.
Very helpful, professional service!
Rod T.
Prompt, professional, and personal attention to detail in all aspects. Kept informed and felt like I had their undivided attention knowing full well lots of other work being attended to. Thanks!
Deborah B.
Everyone was great to work with.
Amy W.
Well done. Thank you.
Kristine L.
I appreciate the thoroughness and the fact that the employees know their stuff.
Linda P.
The Critter Control service was great. I am confident they finally got rid of the rats in the crawlspace@!!
Rick B.
Great job; thanks for the awesome work!
Albert C.
Thank you, you respected my house. Being Asians, we do not wear shoes inside our homes. You also kept the house neat and cleaned up after yourselves. The cost was high but it's the price of living in the northwest.
Jolina G.
Great customer service! The technician Mike was great and very professional! I was able to get an appointment in a timely manner which is always a plus! Thanks for everything critter control!
Carolyn and Jim Z.
Matt was very prompt and knowledgeable. He explained everything to us and gave us a few options. No high pressure sale, which I appreciate. Also, he came out the day I called. I would recommend them to my friends.
Bernie H.
Thank you for the prompt response. The young man who arrived was great. I even appreciate the fact that he knocked on the door quietly rather than ringing the doorbell off the wall as so many do!
Debby B.
They really know their critters. I not only learned a lot about raccoons, but also every kind of pest in our neighborhood. We've been invaded by coons, possums, flickers, and roof rats. Will call Critter Control again.
Carol S.
I was more than pleased with the work and the two young men who did the work. It was a good experience all the way around. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs it.
Bob T.
Service is professional and courteous.
Bob S.
Excellent! Customer Service from office staff communication and Service individual that came out to our house. Thank you!
Stephanie W.
Very happy with Critter Control. Quality work, keep to schedule, office calls ahead to remind you, very courteous, efficient, respectful employees. Would recommend to friends
Claudine M.
Techs are very professional and friendly.
Brian B.
Very knowledgeable technicians. Job was done to my satisfaction.
Vicki S.
Had a small issue with the initial job, however owner Mike came out promptly and fully resolved. Will continue to be a customer.
Jeffrey K.
They were prompt and very friendly and professional
Ken N.
You did a good job. Thanks
Julie D.
Tino was very polite, knowledgable and helpful!
Janice C.
Very nice and helpful. Thanks so much for always being helpful!
Mary Ann B.
Very effective and affordable, thank you
Steve W.
Guys did a super job!
Debbie M.
thank you for the wonderful job did in getting rid of my bird issue
Matthew R.
Fast & Efficient assessment of the problem. Professional, Polite & Friendly too!
Paul G.
Tech did a good job and provided excellent customer service. Strange that they charge for a consultation even though I provided line items detailing what I wanted done.
Kim Egge
Technicians were excellent, explained everything, and got rid of the raccoons! I have already recommended them to my neighbors, where we think the raccoons moved to, and will continue to recommend Critter Control.
Clara L.
Excellent customer service
Marsha C.
I was very satisfied with the feedback that I got. Job well done! Marsha Conn
Scott M.
Chris was professional and did a great job. He answered all of my questions.
Cameron M.
Thank you for your services. You guys make things very easy.
Christine S.
Critter Control service is fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Lyle P.
Great Job
Larry F.
great job so far, they came quickly and addressed the ant issue
Bala N.
Stephen L.
Just fine!
Bill S.
Excellent service...but I have used you before and already knew that!
Winston P.
Thanks as always for the great service. Five Stars!
Anne K.
Service seems to be thorough and fine.
Marion D.
Thank you, Will have you back again if problem re occurs.
Maureen N.
Nice job today. Let us know he was here to perform monthly service and then on leaving a report as to how much activity was occurring at the bait stations
Pam W.
A really great company. I have used them for years and really appreciate the great job they do.
Don A.
The service team exceeded my expectations by calling to remind me of appointment, calling to advise arrival time, service tech very professional and briefed me on work performed. Outstanding rep of your company.
Ken P.
great to deal with
Mariah C.
Excellent service from beginning to end! Thank you for putting our minds at ease through this process.
Don A.
The repair was made in a very timely and quality manner.
Laura P.
Super happy with the work so far for my clients. your guys are on time, knowledgeable and have done a great job.
Lora S.
Your critter tech was very courteous, personable, and efficient. The screens are too high for me to "inspect" so I trust he put them in nice and tight to keep future birds (or anything else) out of the attic. Thanks for your prompt scheduling and attentive service.
Carol O.
Thank you for taking care of the visitors in the attic! We look forward to your continuing service of bait boxes each month and spraying exterior of house. The Odem's
David B.
thank you
Ann E.
Thank you for all your expertise with my critters:-). With all the right elements, they love it here! Sincerely, Anne
Anne A.
We appreciate the follow-up.
Robert C.
no comment
Corinne Y.
thank you
Aloria M.
Great job! They are good at what they do.
James S.
Appreciate your help in getting rid of the annoying moles in our yard. Than you!
Mike R.
good job
Ken P.
We were very happy with the work
Patti H.
I have had the best service ever! The employees are all very nice to work with, even when they had to get under my house..Critter Control is the best!! Happy Customer here!
Rebecca H.
Always reliable service
Marilyn R.
This was a preliminary consultation with Mike on behalf of our Homeowners' Association. Mike was very helpful and we are going forward with a proposal.
Wendy C.
So great!
David A.
Excellent service. Very responsive. Highly recommended!
Debbie B.
Glad to have sealed our little bat nursery!!!
Russell T.
Thanks for catching the little @#$%! :)
Don A.
I was very impressed from my experienced with Critter control from my initial call, followup calls to remind and advise of Reps status, and the extremely professional tech. Your company has met and exceeded my exceptions. five stars!!!!
Ellen D.
The representative was courteous, knowledgeable and examined all areas surrounding the chimney. He was professional and got the job done. Very much appreciated!
Melodye J.
The job was completed successfully within the time agreed upon. Thanks for getting rid of the critters and plugging the holes! Your employee, Matt I believe, was very courteous and personable. He explained everything, took pictures so I could see what was going on and fixed everything.
Pam W.
Critter Control is one of the best companies I have worked with. I have many rentals and they do all of my critter work. They are very competent and very good at follow up and communicating. I have been using their services for probably near 20 years.
Jens N.
Excellent help and information! Thank you.
Sandra O.
Critter Control has been great to work with. Everyone has been courteous and professional, as well as very responsive to getting right on the situation. It was quite a job trapping squirrels over several days that had been getting into crawl spaces in the upstairs of the house. Then they did a super job sealing entry points, shoring up and cleaning gutters, and leaving the place very cleaned up. I'd highly recommend them.
Vicki J.
I would have liked the work to have been completed on one day instead of the work crew working half a day and then having to be rescheduled for another day to finish the job.
Ken P.
Always courteous and professional. Turned out not to be a critter problem.
Steve F.
Thank you for helping us with our rodent problem!
David A.
Great company-highly recommended!
Chris C.
My first impression about the work was not good, but according to the tenants, workers came back to address the issues that they could. After 40+ years of residential construction, my experience tells me this company cares.
Judy H.
Basic good job and knowledgeable people. Could have been more clear on if boxes were left after job was finished that there was a monthly charge. I asked that they be taken and the worker checked his paper work and said no instructions to remove boxes.... should have followed my instructions. thanks.
Maureen N.
Communicated or current situation and will f/u sooner per request.
Givin C.
many thanks
The folks at Critter Control continue to do a thorough job getting pests out of our properties and we appreciate their solid communication with us; well done!
David H.
Great job dealing with a mole problem!!! They would always return to our property soon after we let them know we had more activity. The mole is now gone!
Constance S.
Many thanks for keeping the critters at bay! I value your service! Constance
Janet W.
Mike and Chris did a great job and with a big smile on their face. They represent your company really well and provide Great Customer Service. That is why I come back for service with your company. Janet
Peggy K.
Great to work with your company even if we didn't catch any critters !
James T.
Crystal H.
We love Mike! He's helpful and friendly and generally someone we want to do business with.
Becca W.
Very friendly and always helpful!
Pam C.
Very prompt & professional
Claudia N.
Critter control is so easy to contact and very professional. We just caught two moles (took 4 weeks) so I am happy. Thanks for the good job.
Jane W.
Great job. Thanks for being so efficient and knowledgeable.!
Devena T.
As usual, your workman was very pleasant and did the job in a short time. I send my thanks to you and to him. Devena Thomsen
Alison C.
Friendly, efficient, personal service. Thank you.
Larry B.
Got the job done!
Craig C.
job well done and overall great customer service
Dawn D.
excellent customer service very informative both by phone and from your tech, Philip.
Barb L.
Thank you.....
Constance S.
Great team! Very professional, prompt, and courteous! May the critters find a new home far from mine!
Jerry L.
Good job and Nice people!
Clifton C.
Excellent work! Friendly, competent staff! Thanks so much!
Rebecca H.
Thanks for the speedy service!
Cool! ; )
Deloree B.
Excellent service and lived up to every expectation! Thoughtful, professional and timely in resolving my issues with the squirrels. So glad they got to be rehomed and not disposed of.
Michele A.
Mike was great - incredibly personable. We still hear the rats (?) or whatever it is in the crawl space and can't figure out how they are getting in so we will continue to check the traps but may need a follow up visit to see if there are other entry points.
Kelsey R.
Job well done!
Sherry L.
All of your employees have been very professional and courteous. Thank you
Jeanette D.
Great technician, he was knowledgeable and friendly and very helpful!
Nancy L.
I really appreciate you guys, from the office (caring, genuine and helpful) to the workers who have come out to help with the moles. Everyone who has helped has been really professional and they know what they are doing! :) I like the feedback they have given us after the service calls. Thanks for working with us on a maintenance plan since the creatures always seem to return!
Eric T.
Great job. Thanks for your help.
Nancy L.
Our technicians are the best, thank you!!
Bonnie S.
Critter Control was very helpful in solving our problem and we felt reasonable in price as well. Thank you for all your help.
Debby W.
Very professional
Pam W.
You guys always do a great job. Thank you for taking care of this problem so quickly.
Lana D.
Appreciate timely service. Personnel seemed very knowledgable. Work done quickly. Informed all along as work being done. Excellent followup. Great advanced notice prior to arrival. Office personnel friendly and very helpful and accommodating.
Critter Control is very efficient, they follow all the WA State regulations with regard to wild animals. The Staff are all knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to help. Our Property Management company highly recommends this company for all Critter issues. Trish Bjornson Circle Point Homes Property Management
Lynn S.
Excellent service all around from Critter Control! Timely, informative, organized, polite, and thorough response and delivery of services. I was very impressed and happy with the outcome! I will sing the praises for Critter Control to whomever needs its services. Squirrels be gone! Lynn
Bob L.
Always prompt and professional
Lee R.
Highly recommend. . Super service
James A.
Great service!
Eric B.
Very pleased. The mole was trapped. :)
Tammy B.
Byron C.
Performed admirably & did the job they said they could do. They trapped an adult Raccoon that destroyed all the sod I laied last summer - wish I would have known about Critter Control sooner. You guys are tops.
Joseph R.
This is the second time I have used your service, and remain very satisfied with all aspects of the jobs done.
Mike S.
Good response.
Eleanor F.
Thanks for the great work!
Gary M.
The people at Critter Control were great to work with. Very courteous and efficient. Caught one critter and that seems to be the end of it. Yard no longer looks like golf course out of Caddy Shack. So far no more activity. I would recommend their service.