Technician with Respirator Mask on Removing Dead AnimalCarcass/Dead Animal Removal in Seattle

Dead animals leave a horrendous smell in your Seattle home, property, or business. The carcass of the dead animal can lead to health hazards, insect infestation, stains, and lingering odors. In addition, the secretions from the dead animal as it decomposes can cause damage to the surrounding material in the structure if inside. This can cause rot and degradation to drywall, support beams, and insulation. The animal's size also affects how long it takes to decompose. After removing the animal(s), we have special deodorizers, disinfectants, neutralizers, and air purifiers to make that horrible smell go away. Call 253.343.0412 today for more information on solving all your animal problems.

Why is it important to remove dead animals from your Seattle home?

Not only do dead animals in your home cause odors, but they also create a health hazard. Dead animals can spread diseases like salmonella, E. Coli, and hantavirus. 

Dead animals may also attract other wildlife into your home. Bugs and larger predatory animals will follow their nose to the dead animal in your home to eat them as a snack. This creates further health risks and contamination problems for your home.

The safest step to take is to have any dead animals removed from your Seattle home as soon as possible. Call the experts at Critter Control of Seattle today to get started. 253.343.0412 

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