Seattle Technician in Hazmat Suit Holding Animal CarcassOdor Control/Remediation in Seattle

Unpleasant odors in your home can come from many sources, but if you can’t quite find the culprit, there could be an animal in your home. The smell could be caused by a wild animal directly (dead or alive) or indirectly (urine, feces, nesting material, etc.). Animals can leave odors long after they are gone. 

When we come to your home, we will identify the source of the odor and proceed to eliminate it. We will clean the surfaces and eliminate the odor for good with our special deodorizers, disinfectants, neutralizers, and air purifiers.

How do you find the cause of wildlife odors in your home?

The easiest way to find the cause of wildlife animals in your Seattle home is to follow your nose. Common places for deceased animals include your walls, vents, and attic. 

It is important to act quickly with animal odors because animal waste can seep into the surrounding structure and stay for long periods of time. Insulation and drywall are the most commonly affected materials, and they even have to be replaced in some cases. 

How do you remove dead wildlife from your walls?

If an animal dies in your attic or vents, they are usually easy to remove. However, if an animal dies in your walls, you may not know where to begin to get it out. The experts at Critter Control of Seattle know how to cut open your drywall to remove the deceased animal while making as little damage as possible. We will then repair any holes we had to make to remove the animal and disinfect the space with our commercial-grade disinfectants and odor removers. 

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Leif is pretty proud of himself for finding the culprit of the smell it seems others couldn't find!