What Does Nutria Scat Look Like?

Nutria are often mixed up with other pests because they are similar to beavers and muskrats in appearance. Furthermore, their droppings are often mistaken for rat waste. Nutria feces are:

  • Roughly two inches in length and a half inch in diameter
  • Marked with parallel ridges running along the entire pellet
  • Tubular in shape
  • Dark brown, green, or black in color

As well as using the pellet size, looking for grooves is typically the easiest way to separate nutria droppings from rat feces.

Hazards of Nutria Feces

Nutria often leave their feces in or near rivers, streams, and ponds, so open water can quickly become contaminated. Pathogens and parasites can be carried by their feces that make water unsafe for drinking or swimming. Residents who identify nutria droppings in their yards should infer that nearby bodies of water could be tainted. Do not pick up nutria feces, as they are capable of spreading disease to people and pets. When these pests start leaving scat and making problems around the yard, it is best to let the professionals at Critter Control handle removal and clean-up. Contact Us at Critter Control of Seattle today!

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