What Do Nutria Tracks Look Like?

Nutria are large pests that are known to be confused with beavers or muskrats due to their similar appearance and affinity for water. These pests look so similar that one of the best ways to tell them apart is through footprint identification. Nutria tracks are different from those of beavers and muskrats because their prints show only four toes on the front feet. An additional way to tell nutria tracks apart from other animals is to look for partial webbing between the toes of the rear feet. Muskrats have none, while beaver feet are fully webbed. Finding nutria tracks in mud and sand is a good indicator of their presence since the pests spend so much time in or near water.

Getting Rid of Nutria

Once nutria infestation has been diagnosed, property owners should contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control of Seattle. While trapping and habitat modification can achieve desired results, they're also very time consuming and costly. The best way to eliminate problem nutria is with professional assistance. Contact Us at Critter Control of Seattle.

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