Animal Latrine Removal Services in Seattle

Animal Latrine Removal

Animals such as raccoons and opossums will continuously come back and defecate and urinate in the same area or areas. Over time this waste builds up and can be a host to many dangerous toxins and diseases. 

Results of Latrines

In addition to the disease transmission, droppings and urine can harbor moisture which can cause structural damage. Mold can also start to grow in the area which is a health hazard. 

Location of Latrines

Latrines can be established anywhere the animals are, whether it is in the crawlspace, attic, or outside by a tree. Racoons prefer flat areas that are raised off the ground.  

Cleaning Latrines

Cleaning latrines can be dangerous. They may contain roundworm which can cause roundworm disease. To protect yourself while cleaning latrines, wear gloves, disposable booties, and an N-95 mask. Be sure to wash your clothes when you’re complete. Never use a vacuum or leaf blower to clean latrines. 


Cleaning the droppings can be a dangerous and meticulous task; Let us clean these contaminants for you. Call 253.343.0412 today for more information on our wildlife waste removal services.