Noises in the attic in SeattleNOISES IN THE ATTIC — What could be up there?

Noises coming from the attic space can be unsettling, to say the least. Is it really an animal or is it just ghosts rattling chains in the attic? Let’s do a little investigative work and see if we can’t find out what’s going on, my dear Watson.

How To Tell If There Is An Animal In The Attic

If your answer to most of the questions below is “No”, it may be a critter.

First — Weather check. Is it windy? Raining? Do you have trees or shrubs that touch or hang over your home? Could it be pine cones falling or branches rubbing on the roof?

SecondIF you do have trees or shrubs that are close to your home but they are not the culprit noise-maker, there may be some kind of critter using them to get on the roof. If you are hearing the noises up above, are you sure the sounds are actually coming from inside and not just the top of the roof?

Third — How LONG or FREQUENTLY have you been hearing the noises? An hour? A day? A week? How long you have been hearing the same kinds of noises tells us if it’s just an instance or a problem. Once a critter does gain access, they tend to come back over and over.

FOURTH — What TIME of day are you hearing the noises? This is your biggest clue factor. Different animals have different behaviors and schedules. Some animals are active in the day time while others are active in the night time.

FIFTH — Listening closely to the KINDS of sounds you are hearing will really pinpoint your identification. Is it chewing? Gnawing? Flapping? Scurrying? Squeaking? Chirping? Chittering?

SIXTHWHERE in the attic are you hearing the noises? In a corner? On one side? All over? All over at once?

Animal Noise In The Attic

Rat/Flying Squirrel Noise in Attic

Chewing, Gnawing, Scurrying, Squeaking, in more than one area at NIGHT TIME

Squirrel Noise in Attic

Chewing, Gnawing, Scurrying, “Barking”, Scratching in one area or another in the DAYTIME

Bird Noise in Attic

Flapping, Chirping, Tapping, Scratching, often on one side or corner of the attic, in the DAYTIME

Bat Noise in Attic

Flapping, Clicking, Squeaking, can be heard all throughout attic at NIGHT TIME

Raccoon Noise in Attic

Chittering, Bumping, Tearing, LOUD noises like a grown adult would make in the attic space at NIGHT TIME

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