There is a variety of stinging insects in the Seattle area. Each stinging insect will create their own problems for the homeowner as well as pose their own threat of harm. Critter Control of Seattle has the necessary professional tools and experience to get rid of stinging insects quickly, and keep them out!

Types of Stinging Insects

Bald-Faced Hornets

Honey Bees


Yellow Jackets & Paper Wasps

Stinging Insect Control & Removal

Critter Control of Seattle offers proven methods of control and stinging insect removal to get rid of your stinging insect control problem. Our methods create a long lasting solution that will get rid of your problem for good. Call Critter Control of Seattle if you are experiencing a stinging insect infestation.

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Stinging Insects
Stinging insects can be a difficult (and painful!) insect to get rid of. Call the professionals of Critter Control Seattle for quick stinging insect control.
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